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DN electric spark punching machine

Electric spark piercing machine DN703 detailed technical information

one. EDM punch machine features:

1. It can process deep holes with diameters Ф0.3mm ~ 3mm (depth-diameter ratio up to 300: 1)

2. Processing speed up to 30 ~ 60mm per minute (depending on material may be)

3. Can be processed wire cutting starting hole, filter hole, nozzle hole, air hole, group hole, ultra-deep hole

4. Can process different conductive materials, even semi-conductive materials, especially for and processing stainless steel, hardened steel, copper, aluminum, carbide, etc.

5. Can be directly in the workpiece slope, surface processing

6. Can be broken off in the workpiece in the drill, tap, etc., without damaging the original hole

7. Working fluid can be directly used tap water, saponification solution can also be used, non-polluting

8. Easy to operate

9. Work table X, Y two-axis with a digital display device

The main performance indicators and technical requirements

two. basic configuration:

(1) two-axis digital display and operation compatible as one

(2) z-axis with 10-step 10-step stepper motor to promote

(3) belt drive rotary head, small size

(4) ultra-large-scale integrated circuits, the pulse power supply is extremely reliable

(5) high and low voltage composite power, high-power VMOS field effect

(6) Motorized secondary stroke

(7) special piston pump, wire-gap filter

(8) marble table

(9) stainless steel workpiece clamping accessories

(10) random spare parts and supplies

(11) processing polarity can be arbitrarily replaced

(12) processing stability can be adjusted

three. The main technical parameters:

1. Work table size (length × width): 385 × 270 (mm)

2. Table travel (X × Y): 300 × 200 (mm)

3.Z-axis travel (twice): 260 +200 (mm)

4. Processing depth: 0 ~ 300 (mm)

5. Maximum processing speed: 60 (mm / min)

The maximum processing current: 30 (A)

Processing aperture range: Ф0.3 ~ Ф3.0 (mm)

Table bear the weight: 200 (Kg)

Working fluid: water / saponification solution

Working tank capacity: 25L

Machine power supply: 380V / 50Hz

Maximum power consumption: 3.5 KVA

Machine dimensions (length × width × height): 1060 × 750 × 1700 (mm)

Outer packing size (length × width × height): 1300 × 1040 × 2030 (mm)

Machine weight: 600 (Kg)

Control mode: Z axis manual

Digital display: two-axis digital display

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