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CNC Double Tau EDM NQ1680

工作槽尺寸(长*宽*深)Working slot size (length * width *   depth)mm2628*1521*700
工作台(长*宽)Table (length * width)mm1700*1000
坐标轴行程X 轴Coordinate axis stroke (x axis)mm单头1600
Y 轴Coordinate axis stroke (Y axis)mm800
Z 轴Coordinate axis stroke (Z axis)mm500
最小(min)Attachment mounting plateDistance to work tablemm600
**工件重量Maximum weight of workpiecekg6000
**电极重量Maximum electrode weightkg220
工作油槽**液位The highest level of working oil tankmm600
过滤箱容量Filter tank capacityL2000*2
油箱尺寸(长*宽*高)Fuel tank size (L * w * h)mm3860*2300*630
外形尺寸(长*宽*高)Overall size (L * w * h)mm3600*3800*3850
机床重约Machine weight aboutkg单头11000


1.1680 or more spindle Japan THK linear guide

2.N1680 above manual devices and hydraulic devices (customer choice)

CNC system functions:

1 Maximum processing current 50A

2 Total input power 9 KVA

3 Input power 380V

4 The best surface roughness Ra0.1μm

5 Minimum electrode loss 0.1%

6 The highest productivity 500mm3 / min

7 The resolution of each axis is 0.4μm

8 The minimum drive unit is 1μm

9 Input method: touch screen, USB

10 Display mode: 15 "LCD screen (TFT-LCD)

11 manual control box: standard jog (multi-level switching) auxiliary A0-A3

12 Drive: AC servo

13 Input range: + 9999.999-9999.999mm

14 Discharge machining conditions Registration function: 1000 conditions (C000-C999)

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