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AQ450 CNC mirror surface spark

Technical Parameters of AQ450 All - CNC Mirror EDM Machine

1. Machine model specifications and parameters 




 a.工作台尺寸  (长*宽)












 e.X,Y, Z轴行程
















 5 µm/任意100mm


 5 µm







 two. Parameter and Performance of NC Pulse Control Power Supply for Machine



















 铜/钢,微细铜/钢,石墨/钢,铜钨/钢,微细铜钨/ 钢,钢/钢,铜钨/硬质合金,铜/铝,石墨/钛等















































three. Specifications of tank



 (1)外形尺寸   (长*宽*高)









four. AQ400 precision mirror EDM machine uses and features:

1. Uses: This machine is widely used in precision electronic connectors, plastic molds, powder metallurgy, special alloys, carbide, graphite, large area mirror, thread, woodworking tools and other electrical processing.

2. Precision mirror EDM machine features:

High rigidity:

①. Machine tool using finite element analysis, the bed with the overall T-shaped design, bottom and wide bed, "cross" table structure, reduce the XY axis movement of the ups and downs and the error of error, to achieve full-axis movement stability.

② The use of high-quality cast iron, structural ribs scientific and rational analysis, making the bed, stand to obtain a good high-precision and small thermal deformation of the reasonable structure, enabling the machine to achieve high-speed, high-precision machining performance

③. High rigidity design of single column main shaft, minimize the occurrence of cantilever phenomenon, to ensure the stability of the accuracy, high response, is conducive to the high-speed spindle movement knife

④The machine workbench adopts the high quality precision granite (00 grade) material, which has the characteristics of good insulation performance (effective protection of the best discharge state, is a basic technology of EDM machine tools), corrosion resistance, wear resistance, While reducing the electrical discharge between the two poles exist between the parasitic capacitance, to achieve uniformity of high-gloss finish mirror processing

 (Ii) High accuracy

①. Screws, rails, motors and other world-class choice of quality products to ensure the accuracy of the use of machine tools stability and maintainability

② CNC axis with all-digital AC servo motor and high precision ball screw directly connected to reduce the transmission error. Electrical step compensation and clearance compensation to ensure that the CNC axis position accuracy

③. Machine tool products manufactured in accordance with Japanese JIS standards, at 20 ± 2 ℃ under the conditions of precision testing, leaving the factory before leaving sufficient precision reserves to ensure the accuracy of CNC axis movement

④ Laser measurement of the drive accuracy of the micro-level of each axis

(Iii) High quality

①. According to the measurement results of each axis set pitch compensation, to ensure that the u-class positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy

② Before the products are delivered to the users, the products must pass the test of machine precision, electrical process index (including high current, mirror surface processing, large area high gloss finish processing, minimum loss processing) and electrical reliability test to ensure the product quality and reliability. ***

③. AQ-type configuration of high-quality products circulating pump, to ensure that each processing of the oil-assisted time of not more than 80 seconds

Safety measures

④. With liquid level protection, liquid temperature protection, automatic fire extinguishing devices, etc., to ensure the safety of machine operation.When the working fluid temperature reaches 60 ℃, the processing automatically stops when the liquid level is lower than the necessary processing height, carried out

⑤. Power-off reset, contact perception, diagnosis and error message prompts and other functions, when the operation error and failure, there are warning and error message prompts, guide the operator manual, troubleshooting.


Fives. Standard accessories:

1. Marble table,

2. PIKA mirror processing circuit,

3. Automatic voltage regulator circuit (AVR),

4. Automatic fire extinguishing device,

5. Manual control box,

6. Machine lights,

7. Filter paper core,

8. Manual electrode chuck,

9. Operating Instructions.

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