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DK7740 numerical control in the thread cutting

Technical Data of DK7740 NC Wire Cutting

First, the machine model specifications and performance characteristics:

  1, the machine model, specifications and parameters:

    Machine model: DK7740;

B. Working table travel: 500mm × 400mm;

C. Cutting the maximum thickness of the workpiece: 500mm adjustable;

D. Cutting the workpiece maximum taper: 6 ° (100mm up to);

E. Maximum cutting efficiency:> 180mm2 / min (Cr12 80mm thick);

F. Maximum cutting current: 6A;

G. Roughness: 40mm thick Cr12 roughness efficiency of multi-knife cutting: Ra ≤ 1.2μm;

H. Machining accuracy / diameter: 0.012 (Φ10mm);

I. Machine power consumption: 3kw;

J. Electrode wire diameter: Φ0.15 ~ Φ0.20mm;

K. Wire running speed: 4 ~ 11m / s;

2. Machine performance, features:

Adopting CNC digital control wire walking method, improve the surface finish of workpiece

With a single discharge function, the effective control of the workpiece surface cutting lined

With an intelligent database, through a large number of tests and optimized combination for users to select for different workpiece cutting needs

With high and low voltage shift current function to meet the different workpiece material under the processing current selection

With packet impulse assistance, and further meet the sophisticated requirements of high-end customers

    The use of CAD programming and integration software fully AUTOCAD graphics conversion, with multiple cutting function

Second, the main performance indicators and technical requirements

  1, the basic functions of programming software:

(A) Coordinate system: absolute coordinates, incremental coordinates (relative coordinates);

    (B) graphics coordinate transformation, zoom, rotation, graphics tracking display function;

    (C) linear, circular interpolation;

    (D) slope processing function;

    (E) up and down different surface processing function;

    (F) short circuit, broken wire processing function;

    (G) power outage memory function, processing end automatic shutdown function;

    (H) automatically on the face, the center function;

    (I) automatically add the transition arc function (arbitrary, corner function);

    (J) reverse processing function;

    (K) menu technology, automatic programming function;

(L) data transmission;

2. CNC system configuration function and composition of its technical performance:

   ① CNC hardware components:

    (A) industrial control computer

(B) 1G memory;

    (C) 250GB hard drive;

    (E) RS232 interface and mouse;

   ② CNC software components and operating platform:

    (A) CNC software by the automatic programming system function modules;

    (B) operating platform for WindowsXP.

  ③ CNC system of technical performance:

    (A) 4-axis linkage (eg with taper);

    (B) Taper machining (eg with taper);

   ④ CNC system operating environment:

    (A) Temperature: 5 to 40 ° C;

    (B) relative humidity: 40% to 80%.

 3, Specifications:

    (A) Workbench:

        Working table size: 790mm × 500mm;

        Workbench bearing: ≥ 400Kg.

     (B) Stroke:

        X axis: 500 mm;

        Y-axis: 400 mm;

        Thickness: 500mm;

        Slope: ± 3 ° / 100mm;

     (C) Auxiliary stroke:

        U-axis: 24 mm;

        V-axis: 24 mm;

     (D) screw, rail:

        Screw: precision ball screw (XY axis);

        Rail: precision steel rails;

    (E) Spindle up and down travel distance: 100 mm ~ 500 mm

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