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    Machine tool cleaning

    Release Date:2016-11-16

    After the use of machine tools, should be cleaned, the remaining coolant on the machine if not timely cleaning will corrode machine tools, especially the positioning system and the tool does not promptly clean up residual liquid, Of the machine can even lead to retirement can not be used. The machine will be part of the above iron filings residue, this part of the residual scrap iron should be promptly cleaned out, and some position of the scrap iron will scratch the machine work plane, if not clean and even scratch the next production of mechanical parts , This will lead to a lot of unnecessary waste, to ensure the accuracy of machinery.

          Especially for the precision mechanical protection work to do better, and only these protection work are done in place, in order to ensure the accuracy of the machine, a good maintenance of the late machine is very important. Must have a strict protective system, a sound management system, time to time so that protection in order to ensure the normal use of high-precision machine tools.

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