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    Tool selection and maintenance

    Release Date:2016-11-16

    The tool balance does not just measure the unbalance and increase or remove the weight. Tool selection is essential. Short, lightweight components are easily balanced to good accuracy, while large heavy tools are much more difficult and tend to vibrate very much. You can also save time and cut costs by selecting tools that have been pre-balanced or pre-machined to the smallest imbalance.

    Further, you can reduce the number of balances that must be balanced through routine maintenance and careful handling. Any surface damage to the shank will affect the balance and concentricity. why? The effect of the shank defect is magnified when the rotational speed is climb. If your instrument measures a negligible force at 1000 revolutions per minute, increase the force by a factor of 100 at 10,000 rpm and 400 times at 20,000 rpm.

    Excellent concentricity is also more important in high-speed spindles, because if the tool is not spinning on the spindle centerline, it becomes the primary factor in the additional imbalance. But the effect of the unbalanced shank is also apparent at lower speeds. Small imbalances can cause high damage to the spindle bearings in your machining center, and large radial forces in turn lead to early failure of the bearings and expensive machine maintenance costs.

    Also, remember that any adjustment (installation or removal of the tool assembly, tightening of the nut, or any slight twisting or fusing) requires a certain degree of balance. Even if the balance of the interfering tool is adjusted to only a few grams x several millimeters, this imbalance is converted into an increase in vibration, resulting in increased tool wear, deterioration of the surface finish and a reduction in part position accuracy (eg, roundness or straightness during boring Lost).

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